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Bus Tours in Lima (MiraBus Photo)

Lima is a large place and many of the important tourist sights are spread out across the city, making a bus tour an excellent and cost effective way to get around. There are two superb tour bus operators in Lima, TuriBus and MiraBus, which effectively offer similar tours at similar prices. Check out their websites for the latest information and tours.


Mirabus is a company that offers many different daily excursions in and around Lima, including day and night time tours. All buses depart from Parque Kennedy in Miraflores, and tickets can be purchased when boarding the bus, or before at their ticket office in Parque Kennedy. Check out their website for all available tours.

Phone: (++51 1) 4764213 / 2426699


TuriBus is a well experienced company operating in 90 cities across 5 continents. Services in Lima include night tours, sightseeing city tours, gastronomic tours and specialized day tours. Tickets can be purchased at the LarcoMar Entertainments in Miraflores, and busses conveniently depart across the road in front of the Majestic casino (J W Marriott Hotel). Website is in English.

Ticket office: LarcoMar Entertainments Complex, Miraflores
Phone: (++51 1) 446-7575 / 447-1054

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