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Floating Uros-Islands - Lake-Titicaca

15 things not to miss in Peru.

Being South America’s third largest country, it is simply not possible to see and visit everything that Peru has to offer in one visit. Therefore, our travel experts have put together a list of things that you might want to incorporate

Motorhead concert confirmed in Lima, April 26, 2011

Motorhead concert confirmed for April 26 at the Monumental staduim in Lima. One of the most famous bands in musical history will be in concert in Lima, giving the public the best of classic albums like ‘Ace of Spades’, ‘Overkill’, among

Do something Peruvian, on your trip to Peru!

What do Peruvians do on a Sunday? If you have a spare Sunday in Cusco, you might want to head out of town for a hearty meal in a traditional Peruvian restaurant, before heading on to the quaint and typical Andean

Are there cinemas in Lima?

If you want a break from the hustle and bustle of Lima, why not head to the cinema and see the latest movie releases. Lima is full of cinemas, and although not as fully developed as western counties, there are several

Peru guide books, which ones are the best?

Although we are supremely proud about our online Peru guide, we know that when you are actually travelling you will not always have access to the internet, and you might feel the need to purchase a guide book. So which Peru

Peru’s top sandboarders compete tomorrow in Paracas

Sandboarders from Peru and Brazil compete tomorrow and Sunday in Copa Sandboarding Peru, taking place near Paracas in the coastal Peruvian desert. In this second annual competition, riders will compete in dunes more than 100 meters tall. Star competitors include Clenilso

The Pisco Sour

The Pisco Sour is Perus national drink and is largely unknown to the western world. This sharp lemon flavoured alcoholic drink is made from Pisco, which is a type of brandy only made in Southern Peru and Northern Chile. The drink

New Inca Cities

Since the demise of the Incan Empire, rumours, clues and tales of a fabled lost Incan city full of gold and silver have rippled across Peru. The tales prompted searches, discoveries and often re-evaluations. Machu Picchu wasn’t the lost city that

Endangered Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu survived the Spanish onslaught against the Incan Empire. But in the last few decades, it has suffered more threats to its architectural integrity and pristine Andean environment than it did nearly 500 years of existence. UNESCO threatened first to

Drug trafficking in South America, British Embassy Launches a New Campaign

The video campaign “Drug Trafficking i n South America: Easy Cash? Easily Caught!” was launched by the British Embassy in Lima. The campaign aims at making those tempted to get involved in drug trafficking aware of the high possibilities of being