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Manu National Park – Discover The Most Bio-Diverse Place On The Planet

Peru has many great tourist attractions of which the most popular and well known is Machu Picchu near Cusco. However, many visitors don’t realize that Peru is actually two-thirds Jungle, and is considered to have the greatest bio-diversity on earth. Travel

Machu Picchu Birds – Conservation

Often areas rich in endemic birds are often close to historical centers of culture, such as Machu Picchu. This is because the local environmental and climate suit both birds and humans. Machu Picchu is located in the humid low Urubamba basin

Divina Comedia Restaurant – Editors Review

Our Peru Guide Editor Paul Jones gives his verdict on the restaurant Divina Comedia. I am a fan of great food (just ask my wife), and over the years I have been lucky enough to eat in many of the best

1 Month in Peru

I visited Peru on the recommendation of a friend, I spent 3 days in Lima checking out the night life and also visiting a few museums. The museum of the people was pretty weird, it looked like a power station, the

Arequipa & The Colca Canyon

Arequipa is a vibrant bustling city, in the shadows of El Misti, the snow-capped volcano that is gently smoking in the background. Apparently you can hike up the volcano without too much difficulty, but not for me, I viewed it from

The Peruvian Rain Forest – My Visit

Taking the plane from Cuzco to the Amazonias Lodge in the rain forest there are spectacular views of the river winding its way through the jungle. This is only the start of an exciting expedition that I have waited most of

Peru Camels

Llamas Domesticated in  the Lake Titicaca region  more than 6,000 years  ago, the  llama (llama glama), at 250 to  400 pounds(114-182 kgs) and  up to 6  feet (2m) tall, was the largest domesticated animal  on the  continent until the Spaniards arrived

History of Cusco

Cusco is full of history, traditional and legend, it is often difficult to know where facts end and myths begin. Archeological records show that the region was occupied by other advanced cultures prior to the Incas, and carbon dating shows inhabitants

Peruvian Art – The Cusqueña School

The Cusqueña Art movement, which worked mainly in oils and blendes indigenous and Spanish iconography, was limited to the Cusco region in the sixteenth century, but during the seventeenth century it spread to Titicaca and Bolivia, after which much of its

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