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Manú Jungle Tours – Birds of the Amazon

Birds of the Amazon Nowhere in the world is there such a plethora of birdlife as in the Amazon rainforest. The Manu Biosphere Reserve alone is home to over 1,000 different species. Their names are often as exotic as their appearance:

Pre-Columbian Cultures in the North of Peru

Huaca Prieta (3500 – 2300 BC) One of the earliest groups in Peru to be studied were the Huaca Prieta people, who lived at the site of that name around 3500 BC to 2300 BC. These hunter and gatherers began simple

Peru Mining Protest Turns Deadly in Puero Maldonado

Three people have died and more than 30 have been injured in clashes between miners and police in Peru. The miners are protesting against tougher penalties for illegal mining. Local officials said police were far outnumbered by the protesters, who are

Eco Travel in Peru – What ASTA the Travel Association have to Say

Covering 60% of Peru, the Amazon jungle features on many visitors’ itineraries — not surprising, considering the variety of landscape and wildlife that can be captured on camera. Lush vegetation, dense jungle and waterways are home to 10 million species, including

Culture in Peru – What ASTA the Travel Association have to Say

With the first settlers having arrived in Peru 20,000 years ago, there’s plenty of culture and heritage to keep lovers of history happy. Most people associate Peru with the Inca Empire and Machu Picchu. The Incas constructed the citadel out of

Adventure Travel in Peru – What ASTA the Travel Association have to Say

Whether your clients prefer their adrenalin kick on water, mountains or sand, Peru offers plenty of opportunities for travelers wanting adventure. One of the most challenging activities is hiking the legendary Inca Trail leading to Machu Picchu, part of a vast

Travel to Peru – What ASTA the Travel Association have to Say

With history, wildlife and intriguing cities in abundance, its little wonder Peru has caught the attention of US travelers looking for something beyond the usual holiday experiences. According to operators, Peru has become one of the most popular South American countries,

Best Places to Visit in Peru – Peru Tour Planning

Introduction to Lima Once reputed to be the most beautiful and cultural city in Spanish America, Lima was founded by the conquistador Francisco Pizarro in 1535. For the next two centuries the city was the political, commercial and ecclesiastical capital of