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Hikers on the Inca Trail

How to get Inca Trail Permits

The Inca Trail is one of Peru’s most famous treks, and every year thousands of foreign visitors are lured to the Andes to experience the magic, beauty and outright challenge of hiking this legendary trek. Unlike other treks in Peru, the
Statue of Hiram Bingham Excavating

Peru Travel: Cusco’s La Casa Concha Museum

Located in Cusco’s historical centre, La Casa Concha Museum (the Shell House) is a new museum dedicated to the history of Machu Picchu. Paul Jones one of our Machu Picchu Vacations experts went along to explore what La Casa Concha Museum

5 Peru Travel Annoyances – Personal Safety

I never like to write bad things about Peru. For me, Peru it is a country of so much promise, great culture, incredible attractions and wonderful people. But, from time to time there are things which happen that put a dampener
Yellow "Tico" Taxis in Peru

Peru Vacation Tips: How much is a Taxi to the Sacred Valley

Updated: February 02, 2014 with the latest prices! Getting around in Peru is really not that difficult with a little know how  and one of the most popular methods is to take a taxi. I read time and time again in many Peru
8 Cuys on the grill

Peru Travel: 25 Fun Facts About Peru

I have lived in Peru for nearly 7 years now working hard in the Peru vacations industry, and I thought I knew quite a lot about the place, so I decided to do a little research into some of things I didn’t know
Hikers looking over a valley on the Inca Trail

Top 5 Inca Trail Operators

I live and breathe travel in Peru, and I am constantly on the web looking at different travel forums and blogs etc. It helps me to get a good understanding of what travellers to Peru are talking about, and what topics
Travel Agents in Peru, Money Bag

Travel Agents in Peru – Is Your Money Safe?

The days of the high street travel agent are slowly fading in favor of the more dynamic travel agencies on the internet. With the simple click of a button it is possible to spend a few thousand dollars and book yourself a complete