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Restaurant Review: Pure Peruvian at Deva, Cusco

There is many a street cart or “hole-in-the-wall” in Cusco where you can find really authentic Andean or Peruvian cuisine. But if you are one of those fussy people who prefers to eat on a seat with a table and cutlery,

Machu Picchu: New 2014 Entrance Rules Will Restrict How Foreigners Visit the Ancient Citadel

New proposed regulations for visitors to Machu Picchu could mean that soon they will need to hire an official guide to enter the Inca citadel, face time restrictions at specific points of interest around the site and remain within three predetermined
Sizzling lamb at Uchu, Peruvian Steak house in Cusco, Peru

Restaurant Review: Uchu, Cusco’s Stylish Peruvian Steakhouse

Describing Uchu as a Peruvian Steakhouse might conjure up images of 16 ounce T-bones served on tin plates with hunting knives. The reality, however, is very different – Uchu is a professionally-run restaurant with friendly, English-speaking staff serving sophisticated Peruvian cuisine
Gaston Acurio's Chicha Restaurant in Cusco, Peru

Restaurant Review: Chicha by Gaston Acurio, Cusco

With restaurants and franchises across North, South and Central America as well as Europe, the empire of Peruvian wonder-chef Gaston Acurio already stretches further than the mighty Inca civilization ever did. In fact, his reputation is so widespread that more foreigners

10 Interesting & Fun Facts about Machu Picchu

1)      Machu Picchu’s Royal Plaza once became a helicopter landing pad. According to accounts by Dr. Manuel Chávez Ballón, Machu Picchu’s late resident archaeologist, in 1978 in preparation for the arrival of the king and queen of Spain, Carlos and Sofia,