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Sacsayhuman: One Of Cusco’s Most Impressive Inca Ruins

A short hike up the hill from the North end of Cusco one finds what is perhaps the most under-promoted ancient site in Peru.  It is justly called the New World Stonehenge, but its stones are larger and more finely cut

10 Best Hotels near Machu Picchu: Honest Advice from a Local Expert

Follow Paul Jones @PaulJon84300802 In an area with many notoriously bad hotels, I offer my truthful opinion on what I think are the 10 best hotels near Machu Picchu. Technically there is only 1 hotel at Machu Picchu – the Belmond
Traditional Starter at El Albergue de Ollantaytambo restaurant

Fine Dining in The Sacred Valley: El Albergue de Ollantaytambo

Many visitors to Machu Picchu will breeze right past El Albergue’s restaurant on their way to South America’s most visited sight without even realising it is there. Located right on the platform at Ollantaytambo’s railway station, the world-class restaurant at El

A Kick in the Chops Makes a Canadian Man Rich

Perhaps it’s to do with the lack of oxygen in the Andean air, but lately it seems that tourists in Peru are going a bit bonkers. Forget the recent spate of streakers at Machu Picchu who flashed their delicate parts for

Cusco’s Temple of the Moon: A Mysterious Site Worth Discovering

The Temple of the Moon located on the outskirts of Cusco is a fascinating and mysterious archeological site. Richard Nisbet takes a closer look at the rarely visited attraction and challenges some of the theories surrounding its origins. The Mystery The

Putucusi Mountain Trek: A Free, Challenging, and Unknown Hike near Machu Picchu

NOTE: From July 2016, it has been reported that the access ladders for this trek are now not passable. Therefore, until be hear differently, don’t bother with this trek! If you’re going to write about something properly you really need to
Peruvian Indian fusion cuisine at Korma Sutra Curry House in Cusco, Peru

Restaurant Review: Korma Sutra Curry House, Cusco

Many travel purists would turn their noses up at visiting a curry house in Peru – I mean it’s really not the sort of Indian one comes looking for up in the Andes is it? Well that’s fine by me. If

Inkaterra La Casona, Cusco: History, Exclusivity and Impeccable Taste

“Like stepping back in time” is such a cliché, but passing through the 500 year-old cedar wood door and stepping over the stone threshold that separates the outside world from the sumptuous interior of Inkaterra La Casona, really is like leaving

Restaurant Review: Amazonian Adventures at Malabar, Lima

You should never judge a book by its cover, nor, apparently, a restaurant by its name.  At least not where Malabar is concerned. In at number seven on last year’s Top 50 Restaurants in Latin America List, the name seems to

Review: The Tree House Restaurant, Machu Picchu Pueblo

In a town of many mediocre restaurants and eateries, could the Tree House Restaurant in Aguas Calientes offer a glimmer of hope?  Paul Jones, the editor of the Only Peru Guide went along for an evening meal and to review the