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Restaurant Review: Falling for Cusco’s Fallen Angel

Judging by the name alone, you could be forgiven for thinking that The Fallen Angel is some den of iniquity where only the brave or the foolhardy would dare to enter. In fact a Peruvian TV programme once wrongly described it
Patio lunch at Pachapapa restaurant in Cusco's San Blas quarter

Restaurant Review: Not So Perfect at Pachapapa, Cusco

On paper Pachapapa has it all: a great location in historic and atmospheric San Blas; colourfully decorated indoor dining areas and shady outdoor seating; a huge wood oven for their signature dishes like roasted beef tenderloin and whole roasted guinea pigs;
Be prepared for your arrival at altitude in Peru

Surviving at Altitude: 7 Tips The Guidebooks Don’t Tell You!

If you are coming to Peru, it goes without saying that at some point you will probably climb to the dizzy heights and rarefied atmosphere of our majestic, beautiful and occasionally unforgiving Andes. Whilst altitude is obviously no problem in Lima,