Located in the South of Peru and bordering Bolivia, Lake Titicaca is one of Peru’s premier tourist attractions. Steeped in history the mystical waters of Lake Titicaca offer visitors a unique insight in to Peru that is full of tradition and culture.  Considered the highest navigable lake in the world Lake Titicaca is situated in the high Andean altiplano at roughtly 3,860 masl (12,420 ft). Covering an area of 8,370 sq km (3,205 sq mi) it is home to over 1 million native residents living on and around its shores. Visit the most popular tourist attractions on Lake Titicaca including the famous floating Uros Islands, the traditional island of Taquile, Amantani and the beautiful islands of the Sun and Moon.


  • Highlights
  • Puno
  • Floating Uros Islands
  • Taquile
  • Amantani
  • Isla del Sol & Luna
  • Home stays
  • Tour Operators
  • Catamaran Tours
  • Crossing the Lake to Bolivia
  • How do you get to Puno
  • Puno and Lake Titicaca Maps
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