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Lima airport which is officially known as Jorge Chavez International airport (LIM) is located in the district of Callao is a relatively small airport with one main terminal. Lima airport is not a main international hub in South America, but does receive flights from many destinations in North America, Europe and South America. Lima airport is located about 11 km’s (7 miles) from central Lima, and 17 km’s (10.5 miles) from the hotel districts of Miraflores and San Isidro.

Address: District of Callao, Lima
Flight Information: +51 1 511 6055
General Enquiries: +51 1 517 3100

Lima Airport Facilities

Lima airport is a new and modern airport and has modern check-in and departure lounges. On the second floor before you pass through security there is a large dinning hall mostly populated with American fast food restaurants such as Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, Papa Johns and Starbucks, Starbucks offers free wifi connection with your purchase.

The departure lounges of Lima airport offer smaller snack bars, shopping and massage stands. For the smokers amongst us, there is also a smoking bar called “The Smoking Bar”, where you are required to purchase a drink before you can smoke, prices are reasonable. There are also several duty free shops selling the usuall duty free items.

Airlines that Operate from Lima Airport

Lima airport receives direct international flights from the following airlines:

  • LAN
  • American Airlines
  • Copa Airlines
  • Iberia
  • K.L.M
  • Avianca
  • Sky Airlines
  • Argentinian Airlines
  • TACA Airlines
  • TAM Airlines
  • Delta Airlines.

National airlines that operate out of Lima airport include:

  • LAN Peru
  • TACA Peru
  • Peruvian Airlines
  • Star Peru.

Official Bus Service – Airport Express Lima

As of February 2017, a new high frequency luxury bus service called Airport Express Lima will operate between Lima Airport and Miraflores, which is the main hotel and hostel area of Lima. Buses operate every 30 minutes and have free WiFi, USB ports for every seat and unlimited baggage storage. The bus stops at 6 different points in Miraflores, with all stops within 4 minutes walking distance to 150+ hotels. Miraflores is an extremely safe area and Airport Express Lima will help you get to your hotel and hostel safely. At the time of writing, the cost of a ticket is $9usd and children travel for free. This is a very safe and easy way to get to and from Lima Airport and is highly recommended for tourists coming to or from Lima Airport.

Note: Airport Express Lima have ticket counters at both the domestic and international arrivals hall and is the only official Airport Bus service in Lima Airport. Tickets can also be purchased on their website:

Buses at Lima Airport

Local buses are considered a little dangerous, and can be often confusing with long journey’s. We do not recommend taking buses from the airport to other districts in Lima aside from the Airport Express Lima Bus.

Taxi’s at Lima Airport

Peru Guide

Green Taxis, Lima Airport

The easiest and fasted way to get from Lima airport to your hotel is by taxi. There are no official airport taxi’s, but there are several companies that are recognized by the airport. In our experience Green taxi’s offer good the best service and have newer cars, with driver registration and pricing information displayed on the rear of the drivers seat.

Outside of the airport terminal building you will find many persistent and often annoying independent taxi drivers. These taxi’s will offer you cheaper fares but are often un-registered, and a little dangerous. We recommend that you avoid these taxi’s and opt for a more recognized taxi company operating inside the airport terminal.

Green Taxi’s:
Tel +51 1 484 4001 / 484 4475
Sales Desk: International arrivals area

Mitsoo S.A.
Tel +51 1 5171 893 / 517 1895
Sales Desk: International arrivals area

CMV Taxi Remisse Ejecutivo:
Tel +51 1 517-1891 / 517-1892
Sales Desk: International arrivals area

Private Transport

If you have pre-arranged a tour of Peru then your airport transfers should be included in your itinerary. Representatives of your travel agency should be waiting for you at the arrival door inside the airport. Should you not see your representative, wait at least 15 minutes inside the airport near to the arrivals area. If after 15 minutes you still cannot locate your representative, use a payphone to contact them directly.

Rental Cars at Lima Airport

There are three rental car companies that operate from Lima airport. Sales desks are located in the international arrivals area.

Budget Car Rental:
Tel +51 1 517 189

Dollar Rent a Car:
Tel +51 1 5172 572

Tel +51 1 5172 402

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